Current Inventory

Our current maximum inventory for Events Rentals includes (as of Jan 2016)

Item# ofItem# ofItem# of
Shallow Bowl (Bowl Plate)81Mini Plastic Tumbler20Standing Water Cooler4
Large Flat Plate402Beer Stein28Rolling Cooler3
Small Flat Plate173Plastic SSMU Cupapprox 400Plastic Pitcher19
Small Fruit Plate48Lilac Mugs82Glass Pitcher1
Divided Plate161 White Mugs275Plastic Serving Bowl2
Mini Dessert Plate93Forks707Metal Serving Bowl(28cm)10
Bowl161Knives660Metal Serving Bowl(36cm)7
Champagne Flute29Spoons6503-Tiered Platter1
Wine Glass(Small/Large)436Teaspoons345Oval Platter7
Plastic Tumblers(Large/Small)488Chopstick50 pairsRectangular Platter10
Sharp Knife30Serving Spoons27Misc. Platter38
Chef's Knife5Tong5Ceramic Platter7
Please e-mail the Event Coordinators at for all rental requests
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